Just a music student in Cardiff having fun, laughing lots, getting drunk and making music!

Everybody in this place is dreaming..
Start my first shift in work in under 3 hours

I’m nervous, though I didn’t think I would be! I’m so gonna smash a bottle or get an order completely wrong, I can just tell, ha! WISH ME LUCK!

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I fucking loved Hercules!

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A week later and I am once again very hungover.. GRIM.

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Metros hangover

will be the death of me. I’m feeling gross.

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My hammie and I.

My hammie and I.

This is what being home alone does to me..

I’ve just baked some cookies using whatever shiz is in the cupboard, then I took them to my room with some milk and started dancing to ABBA on my bed. 

Yes, I am aware of how cool I am, thank you very much.

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Me and Kathryn in our new hats! :D

Me and Kathryn in our new hats! :D

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Neglecting this thing a little..

So I’ve been pretty busy for the past week! Moved back to Cardiff on Monday, had several interviews (AND GOT A JOB AT THE UNION!) and sorted the house out a little. This house is huge and really creepy when I’m the only person here, hoping someone’s gonna move in soon! I’ve been to Swansea twice in one week, once for a night out for a friend’s birthday and the other time for a house party.

So now I’m just in an empty house, stealing my neighbours’ internet with nothing to do. Hello Tumblr :)

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